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Acer F900 Hard Reset

Master Reset Instructions


These instructions will help you master reset your phone, if you are unable to master reset your phone or you have a device that does not run on operating system then continue on below

Acer F900 Hard Reset

Before you give your handset to repair shop or buy new handset, please try the following procedure to repair your device. First charge your battery more then 70%, backup your important data like phone-book, message, email, images and settings and in most cases take out SIM card and SD card. After doing hard reset not possible to recover your data, so online backup is always important. For all of your data, a backup should be done on a external device, hard drive, raid system media or SD card.

How to Hard Reset Acer F900

Hard Reset Acer F900 Smartphone You may have to execute a reset if your Acer F900 Smartphone fails to answer when control buttons are pressed tapped.

Note: Just before performing a reset, make sure that your Acer M900 Smartphone is not locked. Click any key or tap the display screen to see if the finger print out display screen opens.

Soft Reset: A soft reset allows your Acer F900 Smartphone to get a fresh start, similar to restarting your device. All files and configurations information and facts are retained right after resetting.

Important note: To reduce risking destruction to your Acer F900 Smartphone, only use the supplied stylus to reset the device. Using the tip of your stylus, lightly click the Reset key inside the hole on the side of your Acer F900 Smartphone.

Cold Boot :A cold boot you can crystal clear the RAM of your Acer F900 Smartphone. It is related to switching a device off and then turning it back on.

Hold lower the power key and use the tip of your stylus to softly click the Totally reset key inside the hole on the side of your Acer F900 Smartphone.

Acer F900 Clean boot

Note:You must only execute a fresh boot when all other reset choices have failed to recover your Acer F900 Smartphone to an functional state.

A clean boot will recover your Acer F900 Smartphone to the state it was when you got it from the factory.

Note: delete all information, any connections stored on your smartphone and any applications you set up.

If your display screen is replying to stylus input:

  • Go to Start
  • Then go to Programs
  • Then go to Utilities
  • Then go to Default Configurations. Read the notice information and enter the security code in the clear text box. Tap OK to continue

If your display screen is not replying to stylus input:

  • Press the Reset button while holding the Power button down.
  • When you see the Acer screen, Press and hold both the Up and Down buttons.
  • You will see a screen showing Clean Boot in red text.


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