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ZTE Source N9511 Hard Reset

Master Reset Instructions


These instructions will help you master reset your phone, if you are unable to master reset your phone or you have a device that does not run on operating system then continue on below

ZTE Source N9511 Hard Reset

Master Reset Instructions

A master reset reverts the device back to factory settings. It will permanently erase all personal data, preferences, settings and content such as pictures, ringtones and apps that are saved to the device and SD card. It is recommended that you save (backup) important data to your SIM card, or a computer before proceeding.

First, try this:

Master reset from settings menu

  1. Make sure that device is turned on.
  2. Start by opening Main Menu next on open Settings folder.
  3. Tap on Privacy and select Factory Data Reset.
  4. Tap on Reset Phone, enter your password (if required) and confirm by selecting Erase Everything.
  5. Let the phone restart and you’re done.

If that doesn’t work, or if your phone is frozen:

Master reset with hardware keys

1. Your phone must be turned off

2. press and hold both the volume up button and power button until the logo appears android

3. In a few seconds you will see a menu called android recovery

4. Select wipe data / factory reset, you can move through the menu up and down the volume buttons pressed

5. Select Yes – delete ALL user data and press the button to confirm

8. The terminal will be formatted in a few seconds, you now select reboot system now to reboot

7. ready! so it was easy to restore your device

ZTE Source N9511 Hard Reset Instructions

ZTE Source N9511 Hard Reset Instructions

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