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LG Viper 4G Hard Reset

Master Reset Instructions


These instructions will help you master reset your phone, if you are unable to master reset your phone or you have a device that does not run on operating system then continue on below

LG Viper 4G Hard Reset Instruction

Master Reset Instructions

Master reset from settings menu

A soft reset is a useful tool to use if the LG Viper 4G were to lock up or become unresponsive. Much like rebooting a computer, the soft reset will restart the handset without deleting any data stored in either the main memory or my storage. This reset action retains all of your handset’s default parameters and settings.

1. From the home screen, touch Start
2. Touch Settings
3. From the Basic Settings tab, scroll to the bottom then touch Memory Settings
4. Touch Clear All Data
5. Touch Clear All Data
6. Touch Yes to permanently erase all data and reset settings to the factory defaults
7. Enter the device lock code (last four digits of your phone number), then touch Done
8. Touch Yes to confirm permanently erasing all data and resetting settings to the factory defaults (This process will take few minutes to perform, Do not touch any other buttons or remove the battery during this process)

Master reset with hardware keys

1. Pull up on the area indicated by the arrow (1) then pull the battery cover up and off (2), as shown below
2. Carefully insert a thin blunt object (such as a stylus) into the reset slot, located on the lower left side, below the OK button
3. Immediately after pressing the reset slot, press the following keys TOGETHER, SEND key, END key and LOCK key at the same time
Note: The buttons must be pressed exactly at the same time
4. Touch Yes to confirm formatting the handset.
NOTE: Performing a hard reset will delete ALL personal data and information (contacts, applications, widgets) from the LG Viper 4G and restore it to default factory settings.


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