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LG G2X 4G Hard Reset Instructions

Master Reset Instructions


These instructions will help you master reset your phone, if you are unable to master reset your phone or you have a device that does not run on operating system then continue on below

LG G2X 4G Hard Reset Instructions

Master Reset Instructions

A hard reset may help with a blank or frozen screen, apps crashing or freezing, keypad/touchscreen problems, can’t hear, device making noises, can’t make or receive calls, and device won’t sync. Our Troubleshooting Assistant can help you with other device issues if you aren’t currently using the tool.


– Perform a factory data reset only if absolutely necessary as it removes all data including:

– Microsoft® account

– System and app data

– App settings

– Downloaded apps

– Music, pictures, videos, phone settings and text messages (It is recommended to backup this data).

– This reset requires at least 50% battery level if not connected to an external power source and 20% or more if connected.

– An alternate reset method is available if the device is unresponsive or won’t power on.

– stepping further to our most important point – the master reset – you should do the following to use the Main Menu for the process:

Performing a factory reset from settings

  1. As shown in the video above, open the Menu and go to Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and choose Factory Data Reset from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap Reset Phone, read the warning and enter your password if necessary.
  4. Select Erase Everything as a confirmation and wait for the phone to reboot.

In case the device is frozen or unresponsive, please try the steps indicated below:

Performing a factory reset from hardware buttons

  1. Turn the power off, remove the battery and insert it back in.
  2. Hold both the Volume Down (1) and Power (2) keys and wait for the Recovery Screen to appear.
  3. Scroll down using the Volume keys, and then select Clear Storage with the Power button.
  4. Select Yes in the same way and tap Power at the end.


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