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Htc One M7 Hard Reset

Htc One M7 Hard Reset 

Master Reset Instructions

Performing a factory reset from settings

Take your HTC One and tap on menu. Then hit settings. Go to general and choose “backup and factory reset”. Pick “factory reset”. Agree and wait while the hard is being completed. Done.

Performing a factory reset using hardware buttons

  1. Take your phone (you can turn it off or you can use it while is still running) and press volume down and home buttons at the same time.
  2. Press these buttons until the screen goes black.
  3. When that happens, release the power button but don’t release the volume down key.
  4. Keep pressing the Volume down button until fastboot mode is being displayed.
  5. In fastboot use volume up and down buttons in order to scroll up or down.
  6. Enter recovery mode.
  7. Choose “factory reset” option and press power button to select.
  8. Agree and perform the hard reset operation.

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